General information about our clinic treatments..
  • Aesthetic Dentistry

    Aesthetic Dentistry

    Our dental surgeon doing the aesthetic filling skillfully replaces the missing tooth tissue layer by

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  • Pedodontics


    Pediatric dentistry is the branch of dentistry dealing with children from birth through adolescence.

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  • Periodontology


    Periodontists are the dental specialists who treat gum disease and are known as the plastic surgeons

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  • Endodontics


    Root Canal Procedure Many of us have heard the comparisons of painful things to the root canal proce

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  • Caries Treatment

    Caries Treatment

    Dişte çürük tespit edildikten sonra, tedavisinin zaman kaybedilmeden yapılması gereklidir. Tedavi do

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  • Prosthesis


    This is the type of prosthesis, which can be placed and removed easily by the patient. Removable pro

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  • Bleaching


    Do not you want a white a gleaming smile? There are countless reasons of teeth coloration but the mo

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  • Zircon Crowns

    Zircon Crowns

    What is zirconium? Zirconium (zircon, zirconia) is a transition metal discovered in the 18th century

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  • Porcelain Crowns

    Porcelain Crowns

    These applications are commonly know as bridge, crown or covering. These types of prosthesis are pre

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  • Dental Implant

    Dental Implant

    Implants are artificial tooth roots, which are made of titanium and placed inside the jaw bone inste

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