Porcelain Crowns

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Porcelain Crowns

These applications are commonly know as bridge, crown or covering. These types of prosthesis are prepared in the laboratories and bonded to teeth, in order to shape the supporting teeth (size reduction), when only a few teeth are missing in the mouth or in orer to shape a single tooth, when there is large amount of material loss available on that tooth. Cleaning is very important for the longevity of this type of prosthesis. Operation is completed between 5 and 10 days and in 2 to 4 séances, following the measurement taking and preparation of the teeth. This type of prosthesis has a lot of varitions under the main titles of porcelain with metal support and structures without metal. Best solution for you will be determined with your dentist.



Sometimes, tooth filling becomes insufficient in cases of large tooth damages, which occurred due to tooth decay or as a result of a crash. Coverings are called crown, which are applied in the form of full ceramic (zircon) porcelain or with metal support in such cases, where there is large amount of material loss available on a tooth, in order to provide function, shape and color of the tooth. Sometimes, it can be also applied only for esthetical purposes.


It is the kind of a treatment to fill the cavities, when one more teeth are lost, through shaping the neighbor teeth (size reduction).


Why bridge is needed?

Even loss of one tooth is very important for mouth health. We always use our teeth, while talking, chewing and laughing. Lost teeth may cause your face to look older and worn-out. Each tooth took its place in every mouths in the way, to complete the other. After an early tooth loss, neighbor teeth have been, in course of time, moving or bending in direction to the cavity of the lost tooth. As result of this movement of neighbor teeth, closing defects and gingival distortions will occur. As natural teeth contacts became also distorted, physiologic cleaning will also be prevented and other teeth tend also to decay. Moreover, it may also cause to pathological problems on the jaw joints in course of time, as result of insufficient chewing with the mouth side having lost teeth.