Dental Implant

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Dental Implant

Implants are artificial tooth roots, which are made of titanium and placed inside the jaw bone instead of teeth lost for any reasons. Implants provide better speaking and chewing function capability and more esthetic appearance, comparing to the traditional prosthesis. It’s a comfortable and reliable application.

In which cases implants can be applied?

  • In cases, where one or more teeth are lost and where it is not preferred to cut down the neighbor teeth to make a bridge.
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    As most of the patients, who sufer sane problem, want to use removable (placeable and removable) prosthesis, through applying implant, a porcelain bridge supported by implant can be used and it is more practicable.

  • In completely toothless mouths, where patient may suffer nausea reflex, and in cases, where use of total (palate) prosthesis is not possible due to the reasons such as prosthesis not having sufficient gripping capability or in cases, where this application is not preferred by patient.
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In these cases, where fixed bridges can be constructed, through placing an implaant is placed implant and also various removable prosthesis can be applied such as implant supported type, which can increase patient’s comfort.

Is it possible to apply an implant to everyone?

Implants are produced in various diameters and in different lengths. Jaw bone must bear sufficient width and height on the area, which is thought for the implant application. In the same time, bone quality is also one of the most important factors affecting the success of application. Nowadays, insufficient bone can be strengthened with bone graft (powder) applicaitons. One of the most important factors affecting the success of implant is mouth hygiene and gingival health. As far as patient’s general health condition is good, there is no upper age limit for implant application. However, it is not recommended to apply it to young persons, whose bone development has not been completed yet.