Aesthetic Dentistry

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Aesthetic Dentistry

Our dental surgeon doing the aesthetic filling skillfully replaces the missing tooth tissue layer by layer. To make the restoration work unnoticeable, the dental surgeon has to intuitively feel how to adapt the restorative material to the healthy tooth tissue. The surgeon’s work can be compared to that of an artist or a jeweller as he professionally creates beauty.

When the highly qualified specialists at our clinic recommend aesthetic methods, they first assess the form of the patient’s face , the colour and shape of their teeth, the alignment of the teeth in the jawbone, what type of fillings are already in place, the quality of the crowns, and their strength. The tooth:gum ratio is also evaluated ,the height of the teeth, their width and their relation to the other teeth.

Before aesthetic filling can take place, it is essential for a professional oral hygiene process to be done, the purpose of which is to remove plaque and tartar (scale), to stop caries and gum and periodontal diseases from occurring, and to freshen the buccal cavity. During the professional oral hygiene process scale is removed with an ultrasound scaler.

Most often patients start to wear a beautiful, natural smile after only one visit to the Istanbul Dentopia Dental Hospital. This is because : their shape is changed, missing tissue is replaced, the teeth are whitened and straightened to the extent possible, and gaps between teeth are eliminated. That is why people leave our Oral and Dental Health Care Centre full of self confidence and smiling broadly.

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