Dental Tourism

General information about health tourism..

In the recent years, dental treatments have begun either to be excluded from the scope health insurance payments or their scope of payment had been narrowed in North America and Europe because of the fiscal restraints and by virtue of these treatments’ very high and almost inaffordable financial rates. The long waiting periods before the beginning of the treatment in addition to the high treatment fees charged make dental patients who need an emergency for their treatment but cannot attain the required means at ease in their country alternatively turn to other countries to fulfill their urgent needs for treatment. Since knowledge and communication has become easily accessible in our times and means of transportation has become widely increased, a massive increase is observed in the number of people travelling to foreign countries for healthcare purposes. Hence, as a consequence, the concept of health tourism which has become frequently mentioned has become an important business sector.

Turkey has a prominent stand in the world health tourism sector with the high-tech infrastructure of her health institutions, along with medicines experts at their branch of field and well equipped staff.

Healthcare Travel Packets which provides a treatment and a vacation altogether are offered for Europeans in whose countries dental healthcare is charged about 60% higher fees.

Merely by having your Panoramic Roentgen Graphic be prepared in your native country, you may be informed about your schedule of treatment and the estimated fee of cost of dental treatment, and may be assisted on your request for your plane and hotel reservations.

Following your treatment which had previously been planned minute by minute along with your vacation, you may return to your home country with a new and healthy smile by having saved about a 60% volume.